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About Us

We have been working in research and development for UK's automotive industry since 2012. We used a number of shock dynos available, we studied them and started to build Mechatronics Labs' very first shock dyno - a foundation of an affordable, reliable tool to meet every day’s workshops needs.

Our dynos are a result of ten years knowledge built on advanced damper research and development, design and development of sophisticated high speed data acquisition systems and  extensive knowledge gained in structural and production engineering within UK automotive industry. 

We currently offer three displacement options and three power output scotch yoke dynos accompanied by a bespoke, intuitive and easy to use software package. The dyno software has been designed with a focus on simplicity and ease of use to help save you time and let you focus on what is important in a busy workshop environment.


We have designed and manufactured our dynamometers using industrial 21st century production principles, which allows us to offer the dynamometers at affordable prices without any compromise to the quality.


Our dynamometers were designed with flexibility in mind.

  • Testing parameter versatility:

    • Velocities up to 3m/s without compromise to the force at lower velocities.

    • Frequencies up to 10Hz as standard and higher frequencies upon special order.

  • The dynamometers pack a punch. Each dynamometer comes with an advanced computer controlled electric motor controller. A peak force up to 150% over continuous force rating can be utilised for short test runs of dampers with high damping forces.

  • A single phase 240V supply is needed and dynamometers could be run off single phase generators. Three phase option is available too.

  • Two sets of mounts are included as standard: 2x clevis mounts and 2x eyelet mounts for dampers, covering the most common mount arrangements.

  • Dynamometers are compact and take small floor space, making them very portable. Perfect for use on race tracks and race days.




To meet the rigours of daily use:

  • The chassis are manufactured using structural steel, three times more temperature stable compared to aluminium assemblies.

  • All the components are industrial grade with heavy duty branded bearings and maintenance free power train.

  • Dynamometers were designed to be used in demanding industrial and professional setting environments.

  • We offer a full spare parts support. In the unfortunate event of dynamometer damage we best service to repair your dyno and minimise the downtime.

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