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Included FREE with all Dynos

Owning a dyno gives a workshop more credibility when it comes to selling their tuning expertise. The performance of bolt-on parts and modifications can be verified, proving the quality of the tuners work. 


To be able to do this it’s vital that the graphs generated are accurate and repeatable. With a specially in house designed data logging unit reading the data at a high sampling rate simultaneous through all the sensors, you can be assured that the data is credible and accurate.

The user interface makes it easy to run tests generating CVP and PVP plots with repeatability and precision.

  • Easy to use, intuitive and quick to learn.

    • Quick Data Measurement options​

    • Zoom and Data highlight options

    • Quick access to all the settings

  • The software shows a comprehensive amount of data:

    • Peak Velocity Plots (PVP)​

    • Force / Displacement (CVP)

    • Force / Velocity

    • Force and Displacement / Time

    • Temperature profile generation

  • All the plots can be viewed and analysed at full screen.​

  • Using the data above the dyno operator can:​

    • Compare different click settings​

    • Compare different valving options

    • Measure dynamic damper parameters

    • Detect damper damage and wear

    • Perform hysteresis analysis

    • Detect cavitation

    • And many more.

  • Software can run on Windows 10 and 11. 

  • Easy installation, plug and play operation.

  • Software is very efficient and no dedicated laptop is needed. 

  • Free lifetime updates and support.

  • Automatic stroke change detection and self calibration. No re-calibrating each time the stroke is changed.

  • Automatic collision detection. Saves dampers from damage due to installation mistakes.

  • Automatic multiple test population with velocity distribution options. Run a whole multi point PVP test with just a couple of clicks and all F/D data included.

  • Print out the graphs with your company logo for customers.

  • Automatic mean gas and spring force removal.

  • Automatic damper temperature control during the tests. Allows to perform test at all velocities with the same temperature damper.

  • Dedicated spring rate test.

All the key features above allow a quick setup and fully autonomous test run, freeing the time and allowing to focus on test results analysis.


Mechatronics Labs offer help with installation and training, and have teamed up with the Suspension School, York, UK to offer a discounted tuition on their Fork and Shock Dyno testing course.


Attending the course gives owners a far higher understanding of what the dyno can do for their business and an advanced knowledge on interpreting the graphs. This unique offer means that owners can get straight into high-level testing without wasting years trying to learn for themselves.

More information about the courses can be found here on the Motorcycle Suspension School website:

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