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Damper Dynamometers

Advanced Damper Dynamometers

Mechatronics Labs offers a number of damper testing machines for characterisation, durability testing, tuning and quality control of dampers, struts and springs. From standard machines to high speed testing to fully integrated solutions for various industries.

Our shock dynos are designed and manufactured in United Kingdom using high quality components and following rigorous quality control procedures.

  • Excellent dynamic performance

  • Exceptional quality of the test data

  • Reduced maintenance

  • Versatile

  • Suitable for use in various industries:

    • Racing

    • Education

    • Suspension service centres

    • Research and development

    • Production line quality control

  • Advanced and unique to industry safety features​

Motor Power
2.2kW / 3hp
5.5kW / 7.5hp standard, 4.0-7.5kW / 5-10hp options
7.5-15kW/ 10-20hp
25, 40, 50mm
25 - 160mm standard. Custom strokes available
25 - 160mm standard. Up to 200mm optional
Velocity range
0.005 - 1.0m/s (1mm/s steps)
0.005 - 2.5m/s (1mm/s steps)
0.005 - 3m/s (1mm/s steps)
Excitation profile
Pure sine wave
Pure sine wave
Pure sine wave
Load Cell
5kN or 10kN
5kN or 10kN or 20kN
10kN or 20kN
Temperature measurement
Contactless IR sensor
Contactless IR sensor
Contactless IR sensor
Full Feature Software
Free remote support
Free remote support
Free remote support
Safety Enclosure
Yes, removable
Yes, removable

Please contact for

application consultation,

technical details

and pricing:


+44 116 216 34 24

Optional extras Include:

  • Custom length poles.

  • Wireless connectivity.

  • Various load rating load cells.

  • Mounting kits for forks, dampers, and springs.

  • Double clamp cross bar.

  • Two additional data acquisition channels with wiring looms.

  • Delivery, installation and induction.

  • Assistance with installation, induction and training

  • Optional colours to RAL pallet.

  • Laptop with full setup.

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