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Bespoke Machine Design 

Whether to perform a design modification or design and manufacture a specialised test machine. Contact us with your ideas and we will see how we could help and offer either a dyno modification or a bespoke design to meet your needs.

  • Automated production line testing machines.

  • Bespoke damper dynamometers.

  • Machines with special power supply requirements.

  • Machines with multiple data acquisition channels.

  • Machines for new product development support.letion of the project. ​

Damper Dynamometer Hire / Shock Dyno Hire

We offer stock machine hire service to support various short term project needs:

  • Track side development.

  • Training.

  • Race events.

  • Research and development 

Hiring a damper dynamometer is cost effective solution for short term projects. We deliver and install the machine, provide with training, and support and decommission and collect the machine after the completion of the project. ​


Servicing, Repair and Refurbish 

We service, repair, refurbish and rebuild other manufacturer damper dynamometers:

  • We work with all common manufacturer machines: Roehrig, SPA, Intercomp, MTS, CTW and others. 

  • All components are inspected, service and wear parts replaced

  • Only high quality, known brand components are used.

  • A work report is produced.

Shock Dyno Conversions 

The flexibility of our shock dyno system design means we can convert any scotch yoke type dyno into our system:

  • We provide with a full inspection and report with recommendations prior to conversion.

  • All components are inspected, service and wear parts replaced

  • Only high quality, known brand components are used.

  • The removed components are preserved, labelled and returned with the machine. 

The conversion service is an economical way to improve the existing damper/shock testing capabilities, without committing to a new machine. 

The key benefits for converting your old shock dyno into Mechatronics Labs system:

  • Improved test data quality. Our data acquisition system has industry leading signal integrity.​​

  • No inherited sensor signal integrity issues (eg. SPA signal integrity issues, Roehrig load cell noise issues).

  • Speeded up testing. The test runs are quick and easy to generate, all the data is generated with a single test run.

  • Benefit from modern software. Our software is developed using latest well proven software development tools. Software is stable, intuitive, uncluttered. Software works in Windows 10 and 11 with quick installation.

  • Free remote support for software use and testing advice.

  • Access to raw test data.

  • Access to all advanced safety, testing and productivity features, only available from Mechatronics Labs.


Engineering Consultancy

We offer engineering consultancy services in the following areas:

  • Damper testing requirement definition in research and production environments.

  • Test data management in production environment.

  • Bespoke test machine design and manufacturing support.

  • Complete turn key solutions to meet testing needs, by utilising our design and manufacturing network capabilities.

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