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Spring Tester

MLST400 a heavy duty spring tester for a busy suspension workshop.

  • Spring rate testing in compression and extension

  • Spring matching

  • Spring linearity assessment

  • Bump rubber testing

  • Gas spring evaluation in shock and forks throughout the full travel

  • Seal drag measurements

  • Top out spring measurement.

Fully electromechanical operation.

Test quickly with integrated screen or use software for more comprehensive analysis.


  • Peak force: 10kN

  • Max test travel: 400mm

  • Max working length: 1150mm

  • Test velocity 5mm/s +-20%

  • Power input: 100-240VAC, 4A

  • Load cell: 10kN, temperature compensated

  • Industrial grade buttons for easy operation

  • Mounts included: adjustable height cross bar,  spring cups, spring guide

  • Free setup and machine operation technical support via phone, email, video call. 

  • Dimensions: 600x600x1950mm

  • Mass: 120kg

MLST400 Spring Rate Dyno
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